Behestan Room

Behestan Room  : Behestan castles are located 12 km from Mahneshan County, Zanjan Province, Iran. The castle is located near the village of  Behestan, near the village of GHezeluzan. Ih dates from Medieval . the first of this fortress is attributed to the sasanian era, but it has been used in the islamic period and in the 5th to 7th centuries.

The traditional luxury Dadamaan hotel |Behestan Room

It is  a single room and is decorated by the painting of Behestan Castle.
Behestan room is a reminder of this beautiful historical space, which will get a lot of energy and morale in this room.

The traditional luxury Dadamaan hotel |Behestan Room  Room Features :
Service station
Bath and hairdryer
Safe Box
Air-conditioning cooler
Table and chairs
Complete health care
Catering service

electrical kettle
high speed Internet