Mahneshan Room

Mahneshan Room :

Mahneshan county has plenty of sights and tourist attractions. It is located within a distance of 113 km west of Zanjan. The highest portion of the county is Mount Belgias, at a height of 3,300 metres. The city 's attractions can be called the Alaadagh mountains or the Rainbow Mountains. in the middle of the road to Zanjan, you wouldn't imagine that in the middle of the road, you ' re supposed to be surprised by a wonderful nature, but the rainbow mountains suddenly emerge and look at you. The colors of red, yellow, white and orange have left themselves in the mountains, depicting nature' s display of nature.

The mountains range about 70 km wide and from Zanjan to Central District and from Tabriz to Ahar. The mountain is estimated to be 15 million years old and is remembered as one of their masterpieces.

 The traditional luxury Dadamaan hotel |Mahneshan Room

one of the other attractions of  Mahneshan is Castle of stork, which is located 110 km away from Zanjan city.
 this is triple  room and  can be used continuously with Tarom room, separated by the old door.

Room Features:
Service station
Safe Box
Air-conditioning cooler
Table and chairs
Complete health care
Catering service
electric kettle
high speed Internet