Soltaniie Room

Soltaniie room

The traditional luxury Dadamaan hotel |Soltaniie room

Soltaniie room : When we hear the name of the dome of , we are honored to be in Zanjan, the dome of the world 's greatest brick dome. this dome is the base of population which was built in Soltaniie in the year 702 AH, and is one of the important works of iranian and islamic architecture of the way of Azeri architecture. The decoration and how the mausoleum was built was a turning point in the architecture of that period, forming a new style in architecture that is separated from the Seljuk period architecture.

The traditional luxury Dadamaan hotel |Soltaniie room

 the facade of this room, with the dome roof and inscriptions associated with the UNESCO - registered monument, is very appealing and peaceful, and it will certainly be a long memory for you to stay in this room.This is quad room.

The traditional luxury Dadamaan hotel |Soltaniie roomRoom facilities :

Service station
Safe Box
Air-conditioning cooler
Table and chairs
Complete health care
Catering service
electric kettle
High speed internet