The traditional luxury Dadamaan hotel


The traditional luxury Dadamaan hotel in Zanjan is the first and only traditional hotel in the province. The old abbey was situated about 200 years ago in the area of the Enghelab Square that is the most central and oldest part of Zanjan, which initially served as a passenger carvanseria, and then for about 80 years it was one of Zanjan's famous scholars, Sheikh Jalal Ashabi. It has been uninhabited for 20 years since 1376, which began to be restored in 96 and has already begun to work as a traditional hotel. The hotel consists of an inner court where a circular pool of water is located. It consists of 11 perfectly traditional rooms on two floors each representing an attraction and travel route of Zanjan Province. Around the northwest corner of the yard is a kitchen consisting of traditional baking, cooking fresh bread during breakfast. The traditional hotel Dadamaan has a very beautiful landscape, with a quiet environment close to commercial and entertainment centers, including a traditional indoor market, saltmen museum, laundry museum, and Etc Will welcome you .

The distance from the hotel to the spectacular places of Zanjan


Grand Mosque: 1.2 km
Traditional Zanjan Market: 300 meters
Museum of salt men: 700 meters
Museum of laundries: 600 meters


Zanjan Railway: 0.75 km
Zanjan Airport: 17 km
Bus terminal: 1.9 km

A unique breakfast experience